Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Extending A Hand Of Peace"

We choose,
whether to attack
or to embrace
each other.
~ Joseph Rosendo

There are a million shades of gray between acceptance and rejection, or between peace and war. These confusing gray areas often make it extremely difficult to keep civility in life, and we often fail in maintaining peaceful relations even if we don't wish it to be that way. But sometimes in an adverse situation, a brief window of opportunity will open where we have the chance to extend our hand across a distant gulf between ourselves and another, to build a bridge of peace where there once was none. Even if the effort may not be accepted and the window closes, the best we can do for the world is to try. If we don't try, the moment passes unfulfilled and we have been negligent. And if the attempt is rejected, hopefully the gesture will not go out in vain and may somehow create a small ripple of peace in the world that will carry on.

"An olive branch has long been a symbol of peace, deriving from the olive leaf which a dove carried back to Noah to mark the end of the flood (Genesis 8:11)."

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