Monday, July 20, 2009

"Happy Man On The Moon Day"

It's been forty years, and there is still no national American holiday to celebrate the first time mankind ever set foot on a 'planet' not his own -- the ultimate frontier. I fear that one day it will all be forgotten once those of us who saw it happen are not around to remind people. Please, kids of the future, don't let that happen. You may not understand how wonderful it felt when it happened for us in our time, but if you forget, it might never happen again -- for you or your children to experience.


Bigmouth said...

I think Moon missed a golden opportunity to promote itself in conjunction with Moon Day. I'm also with yo 100% that Rockwell deserves an Oscar for his performance.

Capcom said...

Hey Big! Well at least the movie was released in the same month, but yes, they could have promoted it together for better effect. Maybe I wouldn't say that if the movie was anti-moon-colonization though, heheh. But it wasn't really.

Yes to me, even on the second watch, it really seemed like there really were two guys in the movie, not just one guy playing both parts. Incredible. But it's just an indie, so fat chance of recognition for him in that way I guess.