Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"One World, One Dream, For Everyone"

This was a very touching moment during the 2008 Olympics opening ceremony, particularly because of the significance of the little boy who it's said had helped save someone from the rubble after the earthquake. Let's hope and pray that China might also find the benefits in demonstrating how it can allow Tibet to live in peace, truly autonomously...because there are innocent children there too.





Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The Tibet thing aside, because they've been called on it by many nations and people, I'm glad that, along with the beauty of Beijing, China was caught fairly quickly with things like digitally adding fireworks and that sad situation with the "prettier" girl lip-synching because the girl with the beautiful singing voice had crooked teeth. Probably wasn't reported there, but I'm glad it was mentioned DURING the games, not after. If the games are here in 2016, I'll be a eye stalks and a brain stem in a jar.

Capcom said...

You are so right. I hope that someone, somewhere, makes it up to that little girl who didn't get to sing. One of those sites that I posted has a photo of the giant wall that was erected next to the Olympic Park, to hide the poor peoples' homes. I hope that they don't drop the ball on the age controversy either.

Wow, if I'm alive (and not in jar myself!) in 2016 I will be so happy. Maybe our heads will be in jars like the 20thC people in Futurama! X-D My head is about the only thing that doesn't hurt since I got treament, so that would work.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Mayor Daley did the same thing during the 1968 Democratic Convention, walling off the ghetto. And yes, that age thing, some of those girls on the blue mat looked like they were 12. Ah, communism. And I never really mention all the tough times you've had medically, I hope you are doing well most days than not.

Capcom said...

Heh, Daley, what didn't he do I guess. :-\